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Xbox Series S vs Xbox One X: Best Console to buy in 2024!

The Xbox Series S and the Xbox One X are closely related gaming consoles within the same generation. While the Xbox One X boasts more power than the Series S, the latter is a newer console geared towards future generations.

The Xbox Series S is known for its affordability and faster Game Load Speed thanks to its SSD. Conversely, the Xbox One X can support up to 4k resolution, whereas the Series S can upscale some games to 1440P. The One X excels in raw performance but may lack optimization for certain games, whereas newer games are better optimized for newer consoles.

Given that the Series S is a newer console, the decision between purchasing the newer model or the more powerful One X ultimately depends on individual preferences and priorities.

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Xbox Series S vs Xbox One X: Specs

CategoryXbox Series SXbox One X
Processor8x cores @ 3.6GHz Custom Zen 2 CPU8x cores @ 2.3GHz Custom Jaguar CPU
Graphics4 TFLOPS, 20 CUs @ 1.565GHz Custom RDNA 2 GPU6 TFLOPS, 40 CUs @ 1.172GHz Custom Polaris GPU
Memory10GB GDDR612GB of GDDR5
Internal storage512GB Custom NVMe SSD1TB HDD
Expandable storage1TB Expansion Card Compatible with USB HDD/SSD storage solutions
Optical driveDigital-only4K Blu-ray
Performance target1440p @ 60 FPS, up to 120 FPSUp to 4K @ 60 FPS, up to 120 FPS
ColorRobot WhiteBlack
PriceColour$359 Varies, Used Price
Release dateNov. 10, 2020Nov. 7, 2017

Xbox Series S vs Xbox One X: The Basis

The Xbox Series S comes in white and the One X in Black colour. So both consoles come with boxy designs somewhat Xbox One X follows a similar design language to the PS4 Pro. On the other hand, Series S with typical Xbox boxy design and a rectangular shape. It is pretty small for space management. The One X might struggle to keep in a congested space but it’s not too big. Therefore, space management is not horrible for both consoles.

Xbox Series S
Xbox Series S

With Series S you won’t get the BlueRay drives to insert disks as One X supports this feature. This might be a concern for Series S buyers but also you are getting the Exclusive Game Pass. This means every single future game with also be playable on Series S. Note that, next-gen games are more enjoyable on the Series S due to SSD and newer hardware combinations. The Xbox Series S has the advantage of newer-generation gaming but the One X will struggle with new-gen games.

Xbox One X
xbox one x

Therefore, in terms of design, both consoles lie on their supreme ability but the Series S is more adjustable than the One X.

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Xbox Series S vs Xbox One X: Performance

The Xbox One X boasts superior specifications, particularly in RAM and GPU performance. Upon its release, it held the title of the most powerful gaming console in history. However, despite its capabilities, games are currently running at 4k resolution with 30FPS. In today’s gaming landscape, a minimum of 60FPS is required for optimal gameplay experience. Running games at 30FPS on a higher resolution may result in a choppy gameplay experience.


The Xbox One X can hit 4k 60FPS in some games only but most of the games kept down to 30FPS due to weaker CPU performance. Also, Xbox One X was never promised capable of true 4k gaming but native 4k gaming. If you want true 4k gaming then the Series X is a far better option.

The 4K resolution offers enhanced clarity and sharpness, albeit at a frame rate of 30 frames per second. Unfortunately, this console only supports 4K visuals, but with an unsatisfactory frame rate. To fully appreciate the benefits of 4K resolution, one would require a costly 4K TV.

Modern Games

The Xbox One X was released featuring a robust GPU, however, it was equipped with a less powerful CPU. The CPU’s performance was significantly hindered by its Jaguar architecture, which was derived from the same CPU used in the original Xbox One released in 2013.

The Xbox Series S is equipped with a contemporary CPU featuring the latest AMD processor architecture. Thanks to its powerful CPU combination, games that heavily rely on CPU performance can achieve a smooth frame rate of 60 frames per second or even 120 frames per second. Although this console is primarily designed for 1080P gaming, it can still deliver enjoyable frame rates. In competitive gaming scenarios like Call of Duty Warzone, the console can even reach 120 frames per second on a 1440P display through the upscaling method.

Modern Games

The Xbox Series S offers superior gaming performance at a more affordable price point, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious gamers. With this console, you can enjoy next-gen gaming and a range of other features without the need for an expensive 4k-ready TV. Bid farewell to the laggy 30 frames and embrace the smoothness of 60 frames gaming with the Xbox Series S.

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Why the Xbox Series S is better than the One X

Quick Resume

The quick resume feature is one of the best features that is exclusive to the newer-gen consoles from Xbox. The One X doesn’t feature a quick resume which is obvious due to the lack of SSD.

Ray Tracing

Ray Tracing

Ray tracing is a newer-gen feature for real-time lighting in games which supports the ray tracing feature. Generally, One X was heavily focused on 4k gaming and therefore lack of ray tracing. This is the problem with old hardware which cannot adopt the newer features. Xbox Series S supports it and is very capable of story games but compromises in resolution.

3D Audio

Another feature that is supported by Series S not by One X. The experience of 3D audio is amazing but with gaming preference.

A faster SSD Storage

The Xbox Series S feature a super fast NVME storage which makes game load time very fast. But the One X features an HDD that can be upgraded with the external SSD which will be not as fast as the Series S.

Backward compatibility

Criticism has been directed towards the Xbox Series S for utilizing Xbox One S versions of backwards-compatible Gen 8 games instead of Xbox One X versions, as the Series S requires updates and optimizations to fully take advantage of its improved architecture. Unlike the Xbox One X, the Series S is not geared towards 4K resolution and targets a specific market segment without 4K TVs.

Backward compatibility
Backward compatibility

However, the Series S has seen enhancements through post-launch patches and Microsoft’s FPS Boost program, which have improved frame rates for backwards-compatible games. Popular titles like Fortnite, Destiny 2, and Call of Duty now have Xbox Series S-enhanced versions available.

Despite its initial limitations, the Series S has performed strongly in sales, surpassing the Xbox One line’s year-one sales. Its affordable price of $300 has contributed to its popularity. With a growing list of confirmed Xbox Series X and S Optimized games, the console has a promising future.

Should you buy the Xbox Series S or One X

The answer is escape behind the future needs if you want to enjoy futuristic games then the Series S is good to go. But if you want a higher resolution compromise of good frame rates then One X is hard to recommend but the Series X is also a superior option.

Also, if you plan to buy a second-hand One X then it’s a good option too. The Xbox One X has double the storage, 4k resolution, and physical disc option advantage. Yet it’s not a future-proof option but it is a high-performing console.

On the other side, the Xbox Series S is faster in terms of game load time and much newer CPU architecture. This results in more FPS in modern games like Warzone and Battlefield 2042. Also, future releases of games will run more smoothly on this console due to better optimization. So there is no risk of future-proof gaming too.

Advantages of Xbox One X: – More raw GPU power resulting in 4K gaming and often higher graphical settings in games – Physical games compatibility and 4K Blu-ray drive – Double the storage

Advantages of Xbox Series S: – Faster CPU resulting in often higher FPS options in games – SSD meaning faster loading times – More future support

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