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Smart-Home Gadgets- Actually They Are Smart

Welcome to the world of smart home gadgets! With advances in technology, we now have the ability to transform our homes into connected, automated, and intelligent spaces that enhance our daily lives. Smart home gadgets are designed to simplify tasks, improve comfort and convenience, and provide greater control over the home environment. From smart thermostats and lighting systems to security cameras and voice assistants, there are countless gadgets available to make your home smarter and more efficient. Whether you’re looking to save energy, increase security, or simply make life easier, smart home gadgets have something to offer. In this era of interconnectedness, let’s explore the smart home gadgets can make our lives more convenient and enjoyable.

Full Body Dryer

For instance, when you get wet and want to dry off quickly, you would typically use a towel. However, this means having to wash the towel afterwards, and if multiple people need to dry themselves, you’ll need a lot of towels. To address this issue, a company has developed a platform that emits negatively charged ions at the water molecules on your body, breaking down the H2O on a molecular level. Additionally, this platform doubles as a set of scales, and the touchscreen controls can be used with your feet. This method feels much more pleasant than toweling, and since it doesn’t rely solely on evaporation, you can switch to a cold air setting as well. In other words, this innovation has got you covered whether you’re feeling hot or cold!

Automatic Ironing Machine

Let’s take a look at the portable automatic ironing machine, which starts off as a compact box and extends into what appears to be a futuristic pod. While the T-Fal version is available, we discovered this one on Tick Tock, and it has become our favorite. We have a terribly crumpled shirt to work with, but once you hook it up inside and clip it to stretch it out, zip up the door, the machine activates its six high-pressure steam vents at the bottom. The steam smoothes out the wrinkles, and there’s even a UV lamp to sterilize the clothing and aromatherapy capsules to give it a preferred scent. Additionally, it comes with a dryer function. Let’s turn it on and see how the shirt looks when finished.

Arcade Table

Alright, so most of us have a table and a collection of board games, right? Well, why not combine the two? That’s exactly what the Infinity game table does. It’s the perfect centerpiece for socializing because the dining or coffee table is usually where we gather. The Infinity game table looks like an average table with sturdy metal legs, but the real star of the show is the 32-inch capacitive touchscreen display. It’s impact and water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about spills or accidents. Under the hood, it’s essentially a custom-designed game console that can play a wide variety of board games. There are around 50 pre-installed games, including classics like Tic-tac-toe and table football, as well as more involved games like Monopoly. While some of the games lack a bit of polish and don’t run at the best frame rate, it’s incredibly convenient with zero setup time. And since the games are digital, the company has been able to bring them to life in creative ways. For example, the table actually rumbles when you roll dice. Plus, because it’s essentially a full-on computer, you can save games and pick them up later. It even has a feature where you can connect with other players over the internet to play against them. While that may be a niche feature, overall the Infinity game table is an 8 out of 10.

Smart Toilet

If the dryer wasn’t enough to warm you up, this next product definitely will. This is the top-rated smart toilet seat on Amazon, and it’s truly clever. It’s heated, which may feel strange at first, but it keeps you warm and cozy without clothing. Mr. Beast was right when he recommended it. But that’s not all. It detects when you’re finished and uses ultraviolet light to disinfect. It has a soft close mechanism, and there’s the bidet, which uses a powerful jet of water for a more thorough cleaning than toilet paper alone. It has posterior mode, feminine mode, and turbo wash. After using the turbo wash, the heating unit on the inside can dry you off. The only downsides are that it may not fit the style of your existing toilet, and it requires mains power. However, an extension cable can solve the latter. Remember, even with UV sterilization, you still need to clean your toilet properly.

Toilet Robot

Introducing the Gidel Toilet Cleaning Robot, a gadget that could make a tedious household chore a thing of the past. This waterproof robot is made of antimicrobial plastic and boasts an intelligent navigation system that helps it avoid obstacles. With a few clicks, you can attach the robot to your toilet bowl and let it do the dirty work. It’s designed to adapt to the shape of your toilet bowl and thoroughly clean every nook and cranny, including the rim that’s often missed during manual cleaning.

While it may not be a huge time-saver, the Gidel Toilet Cleaning Robot scores a six out of ten for being extra thorough in its cleaning and for being an excellent option for older people who may struggle with manual cleaning.

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