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Samsung Galaxy S23 in 2024 – Still worth buying in 2024?

The Samsung S23 is the most powerful compact phone in its segment. Many people search whether they buy this phone or not. This phone is on the expensive side with a 6.1-inch display size.

This phone is not for all users but for those who love compact phones and need an Android phone instead of an iPhone. I suggest if you want the best experience in a compact phone then iPhones are a better option. They are well-optimized and powerful.

So in this blog post, we will explore should buy the Samsung S23 in 2024 or skip it for a better option. But this depends on your usage requirements so let’s go.

Samsung Galaxy S23 – Specification

Who is this phone for?

The Samsung S23 is no doubt a flagship device from Samsung. Especially, the S series is one of the most expensive series from Samsung. For example, it features a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 flagship processor. But you will find the same processor phones from other brands such as IQOO and OnePlus at a discount of 15% from the current price of S23.

The OnePlus 12R has the same processor for INR 40k ($459). Here are the actual gameplays if you want a true raw performing phone at a good price then S23 is not for you. It has some premium features such as an Ultra Sonic fingerprint scanner, IP68 protection, 15W Wireless charging, and good cameras.

But at the same time, it’s a compact phone for users who consume content, do gaming and spend most of the time on the screen then bigger screen size phone gives a better experience. Due to its compact size, it has heating issue because the chipset that has been used is an overclocked version. I mean you will have to face heating issues on heavy usage and less battery backup.

Design, Built Quality and In hand experience

Firstly, the design of the Samsung Galaxy S23 follows a similar design to the latest flagship phones like the S24. The back is made up of Glass with a mate finish which looks premium. At the top, you will find a triple-camera setup that doesn’t include any bumps. The camera section is very clean they are kept in a row with a side flashlight.

At the top of the right, you will get a volume up and right button next to the power button. At the bottom, you will get a volume grill, a Type-C port, and a dual SIM tray. You can use ESIM instead of physical SIM along with 5G support. The phone’s left side is clean and the top contains a noise-cancellation mic. The frame is made up of aluminium which has given a gloss finish that shines like stainless steel.

Samsung Galaxy S23
Samsung Galaxy S23

The display is flat with curved edges which sums up a better grip when holding the phone. It has a punch-hole selfie camera with a uniform thin bezel over the edges of the screen which makes it a premium phone. Due to its 6.1-inch display size, it’s pretty compact and easy to hold. Its weight is around 167 grams which is lightweight and at the same time making very comfortable while holding the phone.

Overall, the design is pretty modern and doesn’t feel outdated. You have a premium-looking phone without compromising any premium features.

Display details in depth

On the front side of the phone, you will get a 6.1-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2x display which has a resolution of 1080 by 2340 pixels. It has a 120HZ variable refresh rate display which can switch between 1HZ to 120HZ depending on workload. Due to its compact size, the display quality is very high and you will be able to experience crisp and rich colors while watching content. The viewing experience becomes more enjoyable due to the slim and uniform bezels.

Samsung Galaxy S23

In terms of brightness, it has 1700 nits of brightness which is a good number. But when compared to today’s phones, some phones even provide a peak brightness of 4000. But trust this is enough brightness for indoor as well as for outdoor usage.

Also, the display supports HDR 10 which enhances the overall content watching. You can watch a high dynamic range and the colour pops out which looks amazing. The S23 is water and dust-resistant with a rating of IP68. The Samsung Galaxy S23 has an Ultra Sonic fingerprint sensor that is faster than the standard Optical Sensor.

Software Support and Battery Life

Samsung has kept improving its software experience with its ONE UI. There was a time when Samsung had a laggy UI but now with ONE UI, their expensive phones are more stable and buttery smooth. The Samsung S23 came out with Android 13 currently running on Android 14. It will get the Android 17 update as the last major update and the security patches coming in until 2028.

Samsung provides better software updates when compared to Google Pixel. The ONE UI has many features that make it more customization. The latest update, One UI 6, introduces various new features to Samsung Galaxy devices. With the redesigned Quick Panel, users can now tailor the layout for quick and easy access to frequently used settings with just one swipe. Additionally, you can personalize your phone further by setting different wallpapers and clock styles for various lock screens.

Samsung Galaxy S23

The battery life depends on usage to usage. The Samsung Galaxy S23 has a 3900mAh battery capacity with 25W charging speed. See the phone’s battery capacity is small, and the battery consumption is slightly on the higher side. On normal usage, the device can last up to 5-6 hours. The chipset is also power-hungry and the panel is too. So you might have to charge it frequently.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Performance in 2024

In the performance section, the S23 is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 with 8 Gigs of RAM. Performance mainly depends on how you will use the device. There 2 types of users, one is who only do basic purpose tasks such as content consumption, camera things, social media and video editing. Second is gamers who do only gaming but do all basic things.

For gamers, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is no doubt powerful but it produces heat. I mean this chipset is manufactured by Samsung and this chipset heats on heavy tasks such as gaming. Because of the form factor, the heat doesn’t absorb that way due to which it heats a lot. For those who do just casual gaming, this chipset can handle every game at very high settings. But when it comes to competitive gaming, this is not recommended anyhow. Instead, you can look for an iPhone for stable performance.

Genshin Impact

But at the same time phone like the OnePlus 12R has a good form factor more cooling space and a long battery life that promises long gaming and still holds heat but will not irritate immediately. The S23 was never advertised as a gaming phone but their Ultra models have pretty much space for cooling and with a bigger battery.

For those users who do basic things then why not this flagship phone do all things? As I say those who want to experience an expensive phone, especially the Samsung S series. This phone better stands for an all-rounder flagship phone with an expensive stand.

Overall, the performance is not outdated still enough to handle all tasks but on heavy tasks, it might heat up and degrade its performance. But the S23 will not disappoint you in daily tasks. In 2024 it will still perform decant in every aspect excluding heavy gaming.

Camera Performance in Short

From the perspective of camera performance, this specific phone featured a triple-camera setup. It included a 50-megapixel wide lens, a 10-megapixel telephoto lens, and a 12-megapixel Ultra-wide camera. Additionally, there was a 10-megapixel wide-angle lens on the front.

Samsung Galaxy S23

The phone captures good photos as expected from a flagship phone. The portrait shorts look decant with good edge detection. In low-light situations, the camera performs decent. Samsung offers slow-motion video capturing capability which captures 960 photos in just 1 second. The output seems to be very good, and the slow-motion videos look amazing.

Samsung Galaxy S23

In terms of video recording, both front and back cameras can record 4k60FPS video with OIS support for better stabilization. The back camera can even record 8k24FPS for more details. The phone does support portrait video capturing from both front and back but at 1080P resolution only.

Overall, the camera performance in 2024 is still decent without any compromising. You can still have flagship features in the camera app such as slow-motion and Director view. The camera section justifies its value for which the Samsung Galaxy S23 could be a decent camera phone in 2024.


The Samsung Galaxy S23 is a good all-rounder flagship phone with a premium design, a great display, and a good camera system. However, it is on the expensive side and has some drawbacks, such as a smaller battery and heating issues during heavy use.

  • Who is this phone for?

This phone is a good option for users who prioritize design, display quality, camera performance, and software updates over battery life and raw gaming performance. It’s also a good choice for users who want a compact phone that is easy to hold.

  • Who should not buy this phone?

Gamers who need a phone that can handle heavy gaming sessions without overheating and users who need a phone with a long battery life should look elsewhere. Users who are on a tight budget may also want to consider other options, as there are phones with similar features available for less money.

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