PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X: The Best Buy in 2023!

When it comes to gaming, we usually know two consoles- PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox. So in this blog post, you will compare PS 5 and Xbox Series X.

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MICROSOFT Xbox Series X 1024 GBRs 49,900
SONY PlayStation 5 Digital Edition 825 GB Rs 44,990
SONY PlayStation 5 console 825 GB Rs 54,990
SONY _PS5 PlayStation- God of War: Ragnarok BundleRs 67,499
Price for each console

Availability of Consoles

From the launch, the availability of both consoles was not as aspect. But time has changed both consoles are available at the best prices. The non-availability was due to a shortage of chips and Sony has officially confirmed that PS 5 was over-engineered. Due to this making of PS5 became very complex. But now it’s solved and we can see the availability on Amazon.

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Special features of both consoles that are different from a gaming PC

Haptic feedback of PlayStation 5

When users play games on PS 5 they experience haptic feedback which is powered by Astro’s playroom. Astro-player I guess one
of the best features of a controller. It enhances the overall experience of the game while playing. Such features as dual sense and vibration.

PlayStation 5

The design of ps 5 is very futuristic and all these things make ps 5 very exciting and the most modern console. Also, PS 5 VR has arrived this is also an enhanced feature you will get from games.

Quick Resume Feature of Xbox Series X

See there are no big features but there are some tiny features that make Xbox Series X different. One of the good features is the quick resume. quick resume stands for you can use multiple apps or games and they can save on minimizing them in the background. Whenever you need to use them they can resume where ever you left them.

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Frame boost of Xbox series X

See when I want to play an old game and it only runs at 60fps then with the frame boost it can boost fps up to 120fps. This will be majorly applicable to competitive games. some other features like HDR gaming and Dolby Vision. If you have Dolby vision supported TV then you can use it to enhance the overall experience.

Games availability

Sony PlayStation 5

  • Sony has many 1st party-exclusive games that are totally optimized and has better graphic. These studios have better usage of PS 5 hardware and they are fully integrated with the PS 5. Exclusive games like god of War Ragnok, Spiderman,
    miles morales, Gran Turismo, etc.
  • These exclusive games are only released on PlayStation neither on Xbox Series X nor PC. But after 1 year they may release on PC which makes it more exclusive to the Sony PlayStation. The third-party games are released on both Xbox Series X and PC.
  • PlayStation does not have any game pass. PS Now is not available in many countries. But with the PS Plus, you can get some old games for free. But these features aren’t as good as the Xbox game pass.

Xbox Series X

  • Xbox games have been developing not yet been fully developed but they have fewer exclusive games. But Xbox has a big game changer they have a game pass. Game pass with ultimate pass you can enjoy pc as well as exclusive games too. With the game pass, you will day one release games at any cost. and every day more games are added frequently.
Xbox Game Pass
  • Xbox game pass has a better games catalog and there are a wide number of available games.

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Which should I Buy PS 5 or Xbox Series X

PS 5

PS 5 has better haptic feedback with the controller which also plays a vital role while gaming. Also, the collection of games will be a key factor for the Xbox Series X. And also they launched their VR headset which will provide next-gen gaming.

Things which not good about PlayStation 5 are its size and over-complicated design. Sony has accepted that they have made an over-engineering PlayStation 5. Coming to the prices of games, users have also complained about higher prices of games.

Xbos Series X

  • Fast Load Times: The Xbox Series X features a solid-state drive (SSD) that provides fast load times for games and applications. This means that players can spend less time waiting for games to load and more time playing.
  • Backward Compatibility: The Xbox Series X is backwards compatible with thousands of Xbox One, Xbox 360, and original Xbox games. This means that players can play their favourite games from previous Xbox consoles on the new system.
  • Game Pass Subscription: Microsoft offers a Game Pass subscription service that gives players access to a large library of games for a monthly fee. This means that players can try out new games without having to buy them outright.
Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X
  • Cross-Platform Play: The Xbox Series X supports cross-platform play with other consoles and PCs. This means that players can play with friends who own different gaming systems.
  • Quick Resume: The Quick Resume feature on the Xbox Series X allows players to switch between multiple games quickly and easily. This means that players can pick up where they left off in a game without having to wait for it to load again. 

Xbox Series X cons

  1. Less exclusive games
  2. Haptic feedback is not as good as ps
  3. No VR support

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In conclusion, choosing between Xbox Series X and PS5 depends on your priorities. If you prioritize performance and backward compatibility, go for Xbox Series X. If exclusive titles and innovative features matter more to you, opt for the PS5.

Consider your preferred games, key features, and budget before making a decision; both consoles offer excellent gaming experiences.

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