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OnePlus 11R – Is This The Best Phone To Buy?

The OnePlus 11R, this year launched a flagship phone from OnePlus. Many people search or want to know “Is the OnePlus 11R the best phone to buy?

Perhaps, it might be a superior choice because it has the latest snapdragon 8 Gen +1 flagship processor, a curved display, and a premium design.

In this blog post, we will know its specs, cons & pros, and most importantly the conclusion.

Such a premium design

Last year launched OnePlus 10 series had some of the worst designs in the history of OnePlus phones. From the negative user reviews, OnePlus has added some better designs to the OnePlus 11 series. I do really like the OnePlus 11 design.

OnePlus 11R

So the 11R has exact same design as the OnePlus 11 but with some build quality downgrade. It has a glass back and a plastic frame don’t know why plastic frame but yes it looks good. The alert slider is given to this series cause it was not in the 10 series.

The camera module is circular in shape and with no Hasselblad branding on the camera module. The back has a mate texture that resists fingerprints but offers minimal grip.

From the perspective of a 40k price point, it has a premium design, glass back, and bezel-less display. The only compromise is the plastic build of the frame at least the frame has to be of aluminum.

A beautiful curved display

The 11R 5G has a stunning curved screen that is slightly narrower at the top and bottom than the 11 5G. This makes it stand out and easy to hold.

One thing that has changed is the in-screen fingerprint sensor. It’s lower now, so it may take a while to get used to it when your phone is unlocked.

OnePlus 11R

The screen itself is really impressive. It’s super clear with lots of pixels (1.5K resolution) and runs smoothly with animations (120Hz refresh rate). It displays video in great colors, but no Dolby Vision.

The screen is also tough, so it won’t get scratched easily. The back of the phone is also sturdy, made out of Corning Gorilla Glass 5, so it looks great and stays sturdy.

Super optimized performance

The OnePlus 11R is powered by Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 with 8GB LPDDR5X RAM and 128GB USF 3.1 storage. That’s all specs on paper seem to be pretty decent specs. By the way, the Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 is a flagship processor with decent improvement over the last Gen 888 Plus.

Its max Clock Speed is up to 3.2 GHz which is pretty decent. It performs very well in everyday usage such as calling, web browsing, photography, etc. You can do heavy gaming easily and even BGMI(PUBG Mobile) at 90FPS. The 11R scores nearly 1053403 in Antutu benchmarks. Note that this score is achieved with OnePlus’s high-performance mode in the settings menu.

I don’t recommend this device for gaming only because it has the capability to play heavy games. But when you do heavy gaming then it heats and due to heat, it lags, and the frame drop situation comes out. This is the only reason why I don’t recommend this device for gaming.

Out of the box, 11R comes with Android 13 with 3 years of Updates and 4 years of security updates. So the UI is almost bloatware-free except for the OnePlus own apps. The UI performance is pretty nice but when the device reaches a higher temperature, it shifts from 120HZ to 60HZ automatically.

Improved Camera but Video recording fine

OnePlus 11R has a triple camera setup of 50MP Main, 8MP Ultra-Wide, and 2MP Macro. It captures decent photos and the detail in photos is good. Even in low light, it captures good images.

OnePlus 11R

So the 11R captures more details and it tries to capture photos in close to natural colors. For the selfie, the phone has a 16MP selfie camera which captures fine images. Obviously, the ultra-wide camera doesn’t capture much detail but yeah it’s fine.

The video recording department is not so good for one who wants to buy this phone for just video recording purposes. From the main sensor, it records at 4k 60FPS and at front 1080P 30FPS only. The problem with the recording department is that it darks the shadow part. Yeah! I don’t recommend it for videographers.

Good Battery

In the battery department, 11R is not disappointed with the 5000 mAh. Depending on your usage, expect a reliable one-day on a single charge.

As far as improvements go, the included 100-W fast charger is a bonus. Your battery will be up to 100% in just 30min.

Conclusion for OnePlus 11R

In conclusion, this device might be the best budget flagship phone from OnePlus in 2023.

As I have clearly mentioned this device might not be good for proper gaming and videographers. If you are a casual user or mid-user and want to experience the premium and latest phone from OnePlus then this is the best phone from OnePlus right now.

But yes none of the phones is best. Every phone has some drawbacks and it’s you who decides which one is perfect for you.

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