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Jio Phone Next- Is It Worth Buying In 2023?

The Jio Phone next was a budget entry-level smartphone from Jio. It was launched in November 2021. This was the first smartphone from Jio as earlier only a keypad phone was launched by Jio.

Its current price is Rs 4,299 which is a good price for some selected audiences. Please don’t forget to read the conclusion part for a better decision.

Does it make sense to buy a Jio phone next in 2023 or look for other options available in the market? I will review this phone on the basis of specs, price, and competitors.

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Jio Phone Next key Specs

Display5.45” HD+ 
Camera13 MP Rear / 8 MP Front
Battery3500 mAh Battery
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon QM215
Memory2 GB RAM, 32 GB In-built Storage

Build Quality and Design

When you first unbox the Jio phone next you will notice it has a removable battery. This is a very ridiculous feature in 2023. It has a fully plastic build and is very lightweight around 170g overall with a battery.

Jio Phone

Yap surprisingly this phone has large bezels which feels like old design phone in 2023. Coming to the ports it has volume up and down buttons, and a power button, and down to the frame, it has a micro USB charging port with a microphone. And at the upper of the frame, it has a headphone jack which is good to see in 2023.

Overall the build quality is entry-level because of the budget. I think if you can invest in a better phone your experience will be more quality over budget. The design of the phone is very average it kind of feels old phone when you compare this phone to 2023.

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Jio Phone Next Display

It features a medium display of 5.45 inches of hd+ with a resolution of 720*1440. It has a 60hz display which is normal in any phone over this budget. The screen is protected with cornia glass 3

The brightness is normal in indoors and for outdoor use, it s not good at all. Outdoors, you will not be able to clearly see the screen.

Jio Phone

Again the display quality is very basic because of the budget but the peak brightness in outdoors is very horrible. And you can’t expect better colors in this panel.

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Performance and OS UI

The Jio Phone Next comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon QM215 chipset. This processor was launched in 2019 and I don’t have a question about its performance.

  • CPU Speed – Up to 1.3GHz
  • CPU Core – 4 cores
  • GPU – Adreno 308 GPU @ 465Mhz
  • antutu score – 56,746

Its performance on paper is low and in the actual world, it also performs average. The performance really depends on the overall UI optimization.

It comes with the Android 11 Go edition with Jio’s own UI skin. The skin is not so heavy but it was made for only Jio apps to perform more lag free. It can run very limited apps if you install different apps from the play store those apps will lag and never satisfy you. Just jump into the conclusion part for more clarity about its performance over money.

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It has a single back camera with a 13MP main sensor and an 8MP selfie camera. Cameras capture photos like ok ok quality not so good not so bad. Its camera app has some good features such as HDR support and night mode.

Jio Phone

Overall there is nothing to talk about its camera. Because of its entry-level camera, it has no competitors to compete with.

Battery and 4G Support

For the battery, it has a 3500 mAh Battery which is average from today’s aspect or below average. Because of the 28nm fabrication of the processor, its battery efficiency is also not so good. Most of the time, its battery will drain due to its 4G support.

Yes, it supports 4g which is a very good aspect of this budget. And some bad news is it only supports Jio networks which means you can only use a Jio sim card and no other brand sim card. Again very ridiculous features you will get in this phone.

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Its Better To Go With a Used Phone

Jio Phone Next current price is rs 4,299. My personal opinion will be please go for used phones instead of this phone. A used phone at the same price will provide far better performance than this phone. Because there are no new phone competitors for his phone you will have only the option to go with used phones.

Conclusion Very Important

Jio has really done a great job to launch this smartphone at this price point. But this phone is for the very selected audience. In conclusion, I will not gonna recommend this phone to anyone.

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