Is Samsung S21 FE Worth Buying In 2023? know more

Today I am gonna talk about the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE.

Samsung Galaxy S21 fe was launched for 55k but at the time of sale price dropped down to 30k. so should you bring this phone for 30k in 2023? This phone has some cons as well as some pros.

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The Samsung S21 fe was launched in Jan 2022 before the launch of the S22 series. So in 2023, it might be a good option, especially for Samsung lovers. The FE version is inspired by Samsung S series phones but with some changes to make it more affordable. Such as reducing material quality, slightly lower capabilities cameras, and some other changes.

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So, this article will ensure this is S21 fe worth buying in 2023 or not. Also, know the positive side as well as the negative side.

Software updates

Samsung S21 fe was launched in 2022 and out of the box, it came with Android 12. Now it is running on the latest Android 13. Moreover, Samsung has promised more than 3years of software updates and as well as security updates. As we all know Samsung is the king in giving on-time software updates overall a long period. No doubt Samsung s21 fe is clearly at a good stage when it comes to software updates.

5G Support

Another aspect of fast internet access is support for a 5g network in India. as Many people ask does this device supports 5g or not. Yes, this phone supports a 5g network. And other basic features of 5g connectivity such as 5g bands are supported well enough.

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Because of the Exynos processor, you might get a slightly slow 5g speed but it depends on your location to locations.

Samsung S21 FE Battery life

The battery life of the Samsung s21 fe is still not so good. It has 4500 mah battery capacity which gives average battery backup due to the Exynos processor. All through you will have to sacrifice battery life. Generally, you will get a 1-day battery backup on normal usage. On the other hand, on heavy usage the device gets warm, and the battery drains.  Again, other phones have better battery backups.

Samsung S21 FE Camera

This phone consists of a triple camera setup out of all is usable. The camera consists of a 12mp main, 12mp ultra-wide, and 8mp 3x zoom telephoto lens.  These are on paper specs of the camera but the actual performance of these cameras is decant. The telephoto lens captures excellent photos and the in-depth blur is amazing. And on the front, you will get a 32 mp selfie camera that captures decent selfies.

As this is an FE edition phone basically you will not get the s21 or ultra-level camera performance but mid-range performance.

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The bezels on this device are incredibly thin, creating a sleek and immersive visual experience. At the front, you’ll find a stunning display made of Corea Vitcus glass, which enhances both durability and clarity. With a high refresh rate of 120Hz, every motion on the screen feels smooth and fluid, elevating your viewing and gaming experiences to a whole new level.

The super Amazlod display technology brings vibrant and vivid colours to life, ensuring every image or video displayed is incredibly captivating. Furthermore, the full HD resolution ensures that every detail is sharp and crisp, offering a truly remarkable visual feast.

One UI feature

This device is packed with all the incredible features found in the S21 series, including notch security, advanced camera capabilities, powerful processing, and innovative software features. You can expect a seamless and exceptional smartphone experience that rivals the renowned S21 series.

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Battery and Build

The box for this device does not include an adapter, but it supports 25-watt charging. It also supports wireless charging at 15 watts.

The back of the phone features a soft-touch finish, while the frame is made of metal. However, it’s important to note that the metal frame may heat up during heavy usage. On the positive side, the phone is lightweight and sleek, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a lightweight and stylish device.

Positive Side

  1. The device performs well for normal usage, although it may not be optimized for heavy gaming.
  2. The display is of high quality, providing a visually pleasing experience.
  3. The camera is versatile, allowing users to capture a variety of impressive photos and videos.
  4. 5G support enables fast and reliable connectivity, enhancing the overall user experience.
  5. Regular updates are provided, ensuring that users have access to the latest features and improvements. The One UI offers a comprehensive set of features that enhance the overall usability and functionality of the device.

Negative Side

  1. Battery life may not meet expectations, potentially requiring frequent recharging.
  2. The device tends to heat up during heavy usage, which can affect user comfort and performance.
  3. Gaming performance may not be optimal, potentially leading to lags or lower graphics quality compared to dedicated gaming devices.


Considering all factors, if you are specifically looking to purchase a Samsung phone, this device could be considered as a recommendation. However, it is worth noting that the Samsung A series, including the latest A54, may not offer the same level of performance and features as the S21 FE.

The Samsung S21 FE has its pros and cons, suggesting that it may not have been as popular upon its initial release, leading to potential stock clearance efforts by Samsung. Therefore, it is advisable to choose this phone only if you have a preference for Samsung and its specific features.

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