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Is Google Pixel 3 Worth Buying In 2023?

Google Pixel 3

So In 2023, is Pixel 3 worth buying? well, of course, this is 4.8 years 4.8-year-old phone. There are few phones that such value-for-money flagship phones at a reasonable price. The only mess with old phones is Android updates. But today, Pixel 3 can provide more price to performance in the same price range.

This is a Google exclusive phone which means you will experience a stock Android. This means you will experience a pure Android phone with Google-exclusive features. So, I think why not make a detailed review of Pixel 3 in 2023? And of course, I will share my opinion at the end of this article.

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Key Specs of Google Pixel 3

Display5.5-inch Full HD+ OLED display
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 845
Storage Options64 GB or 128 GB
Rear Camera12.2 MP, OIS, and dual-pixel PDAF
Front CameraDual 8 MP cameras with f/1.8 and f/2.2 apertures
Battery2,915 mAh with fast charging support 20W
Key specs of Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3 Price In India 2023

The starting price was Rs 71,000 for the 64GB variant and Rs 83,000 for 128GB at the time of launch. Now this phone is not available in brand-new condition but it is available in refurbished condition. It costs Rs. 9,999 for 4GB + 64GB price may vary depending on device conditions.

Check out the latest price of the Google Pixel 3 –

Check out the latest price of the Google Pixel 3 –

Google Pixel 3: Design

The Google Pixel 3 was launched on October 2018 and it was a flagship phone from Google. The design of the phone is slightly compact and it gives a good in-hand feeling. The back is given up of Glass and the frames are made up of metal. The back is covered with a single camera and a pretty fast physical fingerprint sensor. For the first look, it gives an extremely beautiful design and different pattern.

Google Pixel 3

At the front, Pixel has average bezels from both sides. Bezels are acceptable and they are not high and not too low but in between them. Interestingly, this device comes with a dual selfie camera which is now disappeared from today’s phones. It has stereo speakers which sound enough for daily usage.

As this smartphone is from Google, its design is unique and comfortable for single-hand usage.

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The display section is pretty amazing there is no compromise from the Google Pixel 3’s display. It has an almost 5.5-inches P-OLED display and its color reproduction is excellent. A standard 60Hz refresh rate display which is optimized by Google so good you can’t feel any lag while scrolling. This display could be the best display for content consumption and multimedia.

Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3 has AOD (Always On Display) features which are perfectly worth it for an OLED display. The display has rounded corners, and it is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5, which helps prevent scratches and minor damage.

Overall, the Pixel 3’s display offers a high-quality visual experience with its OLED technology, HDR support, and accurate color reproduction.

Google Pixel 3: Performance

It’s time to test day-to-day tasks, Pixel 3 has a Snapdragon 845 processor and 4 GB of RAM. The processor is enough to power daily tasks such as social apps, camera usage, multimedia, etc. Its OS is well-optimized and you won’t face any lag or stutter issues while doing heavy to average usage. The Antutu benchmark score of Google Pixel 3 is 284546 points which might vary depending on the Android version.

Yes, you can play heavy games such as BGMI at 60FPS which is far better in this price range. It might feel warm on heavy usage but note that it is from 2018. Overall, performance is far good under the 10k price range.

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Pixel 3: Cameras

The Pixel 3 is equipped with a single back camera and dual front-facing camera. The back camera boasts an impressive 12.2MP sensor with a wide f/1.8 aperture, which allows you to capture excellent low-light photos. Interestingly, it has OIS support which helps to reduce camera shake and smoother video capture. It is capable of 4k 30FPS/1080P 30FPS video recording with HDR+ support for enhanced dynamic range.

Google Pixel 3

At the front, it has a dual camera setup, 8MP(F/2.2) Wide + 8MP(F/1.8) Ultra-Wide. Selfies are good with the wide camera but average with the ultra-wide camera.

Moreover, it has a Google camera its capabilities of image processing are excellent. Usually, Google Pixel phones have better cameras even when compared with the latest Apple iPhones. One con is the video recording, it only records video at 30FPS even with 1080P resolution.

Average Battery of Pixel 3 in 2023

Sadly, you can’t hope for a good battery backup from a 4-year-old phone in used condition. Google has packed a 2900mAh battery with 20W fast charging. It provides an average of 6-7 hours of battery backup in basic usage and with heavy usage about 4 hours.

Battery(Google Pixel 3)

I know new phones in the same price range can provide far better battery backup but it is a flagship phone with a flagship processor. It might drain fast but also perform far better than others.

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Clean Software

Well, this phone came with Android 9 and currently running on Android 12. Sadly, there will be more major software updates will be given to the Pixel 3. This is the only deal-breaker spot but if you can manage then there is no problem with the software experience. Additionally, you will experience a clean Android with no bloatware preinstalled.

Its OS is well optimized such that you have to love using Pixel 3. Google has never disappointed in terms of the Android experience. If you are going to try it for the first time, you will experience a different Android experience.

Conclusion for Pixel 3

If you compare it with the latest phones then the Pixel 3 in 2023 will not disappoint you. The only drawback is its screen size and battery backup but it is acceptable when you consider the price point. It has a top-notch design, display, camera, and performance. Although, you will get a flagship experience, and it feels premium.

In my opinion, it’s literally worth buying Pixel 3 in 2023.

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