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iPhone X in 2024! Still worth buying in 2024?

Hey everyone! The iPhone X is undeniably one of the most fascinating phone that Apple has ever created. I believe it’s one of their greatest achievements. Now, let’s dive into 2024 and see how this stunning device holds up. We’ll explore its pros, and cons, and ultimately decide if it’s still worth purchasing.

Note that it is a 6-year-old iPhone which is not outdated from today’s aspect. Recently Apple announced their IOS 17 which is the latest OS for iPhones. The iPhone X still runs on IOS 16 officially which is kind of weird in terms of software support. Also iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will not get the IOS 17 as get stuck on IOS 16 forever.

In this article, I will share my thoughts on iPhone X in 2024 and I will give a conclusion to clear out my overall understanding.

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Key Specs of iPhone X

Release DateNovember 3, 2017
Display5.8-inch Super Retina HD OLED display
ProcessorA11 Bionic chip
Storage Options64 GB, 256 GB
Rear CameraDual 12 MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras
Front Camera7 MP TrueDepth camera
BiometricsFace ID (facial recognition)
Operating SystemiOS 11 (upgradable to iOS 16)

Design and Display

Starting with the exterior of the iPhone X continues to impress even to this day. Apple truly did an outstanding job with its design back in 2017, and it has stood the test of time. In my opinion, it still looks beautiful and holds up well in various aspects.

iPhone X
iPhone X design

One of the standout features of the iPhone X is its 5.8-inch Super Retina OLED display on the front. This was a groundbreaking display at the time, marking Apple’s first venture into OLED technology and the removal of bezels. It was an exciting time for Apple, as 2017 brought many firsts for them and this phone was undoubtedly one of the best of that year.

The introduction of the notch and Face ID was another significant leap forward for Apple. The iPhone X was the first to incorporate both of these features, which was quite remarkable. It’s worth noting that Apple only recently removed the notch in the iPhone 15s, after keeping it for several years. This is a massive change that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Moving to the bottom of the iPhone X, you’ll still find that it has a premium feel with its textured finish. The reflective material on the sides adds to its overall appeal. On the back, you have the standard glass panel, which still feels great and far from cheap. The dual camera setup on the top left, featuring a wide and telephoto lens, is fantastic. Additionally, the iPhone X offers wireless charging and IP certification, making it quite impressive for a 2017 phone.

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Camera Performance

Now, shifting our focus to the camera aspect, Apple made a smart move by providing us with an improved camera compared to the iPhone 7 Plus. However, it was essentially the same camera as the iPhone 8 Plus, so you were essentially paying more for the build quality. The iPhone X introduced a dual camera setup with a 12-megapixel wide lens, a 12-megapixel telephoto lens, and a 7-megapixel front-facing camera. It allowed for 4K 60fps video recording on the back and 1080p resolution on the front.

iPhone X
iPhone X camera

At that time, the camera was considered very good, but it wasn’t necessarily a selling point for the phone. If the camera was your main priority, you could have opted for the iPhone 8 Plus and saved some money. I didn’t see it as a monumental upgrade from the iPhone 7 Plus, which already had impressive camera capabilities.

Nevertheless, the iPhone X had a capable camera with features like portrait mode and various video modes, although it lacked cinematic mode. However, in today’s smartphone landscape, you’re missing out on triple camera setups, ultra-wide sensors, and even 8K video recording. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it’s something to consider if you want the best camera for the price. There’s room for improvement in this area.

Software support

From the moment iOS 11 was released, I had high hopes that this phone would eventually receive iOS 17. However, much to my disappointment, it didn’t happen. It’s truly disheartening because I genuinely believe this phone could handle it. Unfortunately, since I don’t work for Apple, my opinion holds no weight in their decision-making process. Nevertheless, it would have been wonderful if older models like the iPhone X could still receive iOS 17, just like the iPhone XR and iPhone XS.

This is undoubtedly the most disheartening aspect of this phone’s situation. It’s become outdated in terms of software, although it still receives security updates and iOS 16. This lack of further software updates poses a significant problem. I wouldn’t want to recommend a phone to someone who will soon be outdated in terms of software. That’s the predicament we find ourselves in. So, if you’re considering purchasing an iPhone X in 2024, I strongly advise you to reconsider. It’s best to avoid this iPhone due to its limited software updates.

However, if you’re content with using a phone that won’t receive the latest software updates, then go ahead and give it a try. Alternatively, you can opt for the iPhone XS, which is still supported with software. That should cover all the bases from this particular perspective.

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Now, let’s talk about the performance aspect of this phone. The iPhone is equipped with the Apple A11 Bionic chip and 3GB of RAM. While it may not have the most mind-blowing specs in today’s world, I have to say that this phone still feels pretty smooth and fluid when I’m using it. “Fluidity” is the word that comes to mind when describing the performance of this particular iPhone in 2024.

Now, check this out – it’s not merely about how mind-blowing the phone’s performance is or the fact that it’s a huge leap forward from the previous model. The real game-changer for these older iPhones lies in the nifty gestures they bring to the table. Let me break it down for you. Picture this: I’m pitting my trusty iPhone 8 Plus against the sleek iPhone X, and the difference is striking. The 8 Plus seems noticeably sluggish and, well, a tad more vintage. It’s like it hasn’t aged as gracefully when compared to the iPhone X. And you know what’s responsible for this gap? Those magical gestures. They’re the secret sauce making all the difference.

The fact that you can use the same gesture-based design as the iPhone 15s on the iPhone X is what makes it feel so much faster and more fluid. It’s a whole new experience compared to something like the iPhone 8 Plus, where you have to keep clicking that home button over and over again. With the iPhone X, it’s all about that one beautiful screen, and it not only looks better but also feels better.

So, I think the iPhone X’s performance, especially when it comes to playing games and such, is not mind-blowing. However, Apple did a decent job with the gestures on this thing. It’s a game-changer, and I’m genuinely impressed.

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If you want to buy a used iPhone X then you will probably not get the original battery of the iPhone X. As Apple has discontinued the production of the iPhone X for many years now it has become very difficult to find the original battery of the iPhone X. The battery backup from fake batteries becomes more worst if you do heavy tasks such as gaming.

So definitely, you will get a poor battery backup from a used iPhone X. And the original battery is not available for now. You will have to suffer from battery backup.


To summarize, I believe that the iPhone X is not the best phone of all time, but it is also not the worst. While there have been more impactful phones, the iPhone X is still one of the most impactful iPhones ever released.

Apple did a great job with this phone when it first came out, but my only complaint is that they didn’t support it in the following years. I think they did this for money reasons, which is disappointing. Because of this, I wouldn’t recommend buying this phone unless you need it for the short term. In my opinion, it’s better to avoid it.

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