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iPhone 12 Pro Max in 2024! is it still worth buying in 2024?

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and feature-rich iPhones currently available. I highly recommend it to individuals looking for a premium phone experience in 2024. However, it’s important to note that, as we enter 2024, there have been some changes to this model.

The price of the iPhone 12 Pro Max varies depending on the source and storage capacity but generally falls within the $800-1000 range. While more expensive than the standard iPhone 12, the Pro Max offers a larger display, improved camera system, and longer battery life. If you find one in used condition, expect it to be around $500-700.

Ultimately, whether the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the right choice for you in 2024 depends on your budget, priorities, and usage needs. Stay tuned for further details in this blog post.

Specs of iPhone 12 Pro Max

Design and Durability

Firstly, the design language is not outdated ensuring a premium feel. Today, the latest Apple iPhones follow the same design language but with some improvements(At least following the core design form factor). So the device comes with a 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR OLED display with a screen-to-body ratio of 87.4%. Screen bezels are nearly excellent but comprise a big notch.

iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 12 Pro Max

For safety, it has scratch resistance, a ceramic shield, and an Oleophobic coating for both front and back. The device’s side planes are made up of aluminium with a shiny finish which kinda gives an expensive feel too. That leads to several fingerprint captures. The back is made up of glass with a mate finish which does not compromise today’s premuiumness.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max does have water resistance and dust resistance but keep in mind this is true when the device is never opened. Also offers other features such as stereo speakers, a lighting port, an alert slider, volume up and down buttons, and of course power button. The device has a flat screen and sharp edges which might be uncomfortable for specific users. Although the device is pretty heavy kinda feels premium but if you keep the device long in your hands, you might feel pain.

Immersive Display

Display TechnologySuper Retina XDR OLED
Display Size6.7 Inches (1284 * 2778)
Supported FeaturesHDR10, Dolby Vision
iPhone 12 Pro Max: Display Specs

The HDR10-capable Super Retina XDR display on the iPhone is impressive. Apple has maintained the quality of the display, which may be due to its maturity or the fact that they don’t need to make significant changes to it. It features True Tone and Dark Mode, which users are familiar with. However, the brightness outdoors is not the best, although it does peak at 1200 nits in certain areas. Compared to newer iPhones that can reach 2000 nits, the iPhone 12 is not as bright.

iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 12 Pro Max

Nevertheless, the display’s accuracy, colour balance, and sharpness are similar to previous models. It still operates smoothly at 60 Hz, which is not a drawback for this model. The OLED display provides excellent contrast ratios, although the notch does intrude on some content.

Holding the iPhone 12 Pro Max feels a little heavy, and the notch is less distracting than the iPhone 13. Some people even prefer the notch over the dynamic island design. Overall, the display on the iPhone 12 still impresses me, as it gives me a similar experience to what I had three to four years ago.

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iOS Updates and User Interface

So the device came with iOS 14 upgraded to the latest iOS 17 version and is expected to receive updates like iOS 19. This is a great advantage for current and prospective users of this phone. The performance is smooth, and with the recent changes in version 17, you can now apply multiple wallpaper sets and access a variety of vibrant wallpapers.

iOS 17

Additionally, you can assign different images for your contacts, displaying their photo or emoji on the call screen. There are numerous customization options available for this feature, along with many other enhancements introduced in iOS17. Despite the major updates, the phone operates smoothly without any lag. Apps open quickly without any delay, providing a seamless user experience.

In terms of battery life, it boasts a 3687 mAh battery and with regular usage, you can achieve 8 to 9 hours of screen time, which is commendable. The phone supports 20-watt fast charging however, it also supports wireless charging for added convenience.


Let’s delve into the specifications and performance of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. This device is powered by the formidable A14 Bionic chip, built on cutting-edge 5nm technology. It integrates a robust CPU along with 4 potent GPU cores, ensuring seamless performance across various tasks. In terms of memory, it boasts a substantial 6GB RAM configuration, expertly managed to prevent any instances of lag or slowdowns during multitasking.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

With its commendable 6GB RAM and a mighty processor, the iPhone 12 Pro Max excels in gaming, effortlessly handling 60Hz gaming experiences. However, it regrettably lacks support for a 90Hz display. Nevertheless, users can anticipate consistent gaming performance, maintaining a smooth 60fps framerate. It’s worth noting that prolonged gaming sessions may lead to a slight reduction in brightness after a few hours of gameplay. Despite being a previous-generation model, this phone delivers exceptional performance, offering an unparalleled user experience and a seamlessly intuitive UI.

While the absence of a fingerprint sensor might be noted, the device compensates with the inclusion of Face ID for enhanced security. However, it’s important to remember that Face ID requires the user to be awake to unlock the phone, ensuring an added layer of security.

Camera Performance

Rear Camera
Triple-lens system: Ultra Wide, Wide, Telephoto
Ultra Wide Camera
12MP sensor, f/2.4 aperture, 120° field of view
Wide Camera
12MP sensor, f/1.6 aperture
Telephoto Camera
12MP sensor, f/2.2 aperture, 2.5x optical zoom
Front Camera
12MP sensor, f/2.2 aperture
Video Recording
Up to 4K Dolby Vision HDR at 60 fps
Optical Image Stabilization
Wide and Telephoto lenses
Sensor-shift OIS
Wide lens

Coming to the camera performance, it has a triple camera setup and the on-paper specs are decant. But there will be a significant difference when compared to its successor iPhone 13 Pro Max. The 12 Pro Max boasts a 12MP wide, 12MP telephoto, and 12MP ultra-wide camera on the back, along with a 12MP wide-angle lens on the front.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

The iPhone 12 Pro Max takes great pictures in daylight, with bright colours and lots of detail. Photos might not be the absolute sharpest, but they’re still very good. The ultrawide camera is also excellent, except it sometimes makes the sky too bright. The zoom lens lets you get closer to faraway objects and takes nice pictures with natural colours, but it can’t capture as much detail as the other cameras.

Even at night, the iPhone 12 Pro Max takes good pictures that are clear and show lots of detail. It can also record fantastic videos in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second with all cameras. While it doesn’t record in 8K, the 4K videos are still superb.

For portraits, the iPhone 12 Pro Max does a great job thanks to a special sensor that helps it blur the background accurately and capture skin tones perfectly. Overall, the cameras on this phone are still very impressive, even though they don’t have all the latest features like some newer phones.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

However, it is important to note that while the camera on the iPhone 12 Pro Max is decent and functional, the later models such as the 13 Pro Max offer significant improvements in terms of quality and capabilities. Therefore, if you are considering an upgrade, opting for a device from the iPhone 13 series might be a more worthwhile investment in terms of camera performance.

In Conclusion: Still a Capable Choice in 2024?

While the iPhone 12 Pro Max may not be the absolute latest and greatest model, it remains a powerful and versatile smartphone in 2024. Its A14 Bionic chip delivers smooth performance for everyday tasks and even demanding applications. The display offers excellent quality with vibrant colours and deep blacks, although the 60Hz refresh rate falls short of newer models.

iOS 17 provides a familiar and customizable user experience, ensuring continued support for years to come. Additionally, the camera system, despite being surpassed by newer generations, still captures decent photos and videos for most users.

However, the key factor to consider is your budget and priorities. With significant price drops and advancements in camera technology within newer models, you might find better value elsewhere, especially if camera performance is a top priority. Ultimately, the iPhone 12 Pro Max remains a capable option for those seeking a premium experience in 2024, but do weigh the trade-offs against newer alternatives before making your decision.

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