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iPhone 12 in 2024! Is it worth buying in 2024?

The iPhone 12 is undoubtedly one of the finest iPhones available in the market. I highly recommend it to individuals who are considering purchasing a new phone in 2024. However, it is important to note that as we enter 2024, there have been some notable changes in this iPhone model.

The price of this phone is approximately $220, with some variation depending on the source. It may go slightly over $300, depending on the storage capacity. However, the iPhone 12 is relatively affordable, priced below $300. If you come across one in poor condition, it will likely be in the range of $150 to $225.

Should you buy the iPhone 12 in 2024? It depends on many aspects such as your budget, priority, and does it fits your daily tasks. So, stay tuned to this blog post.

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Specs of iPhone 12

Release Date 2020, October 23
Display6.1-inch Super Retina XDR OLED
ProcessorA14 Bionic chip
Storage Options64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB
Rear CameraDual 12 MP wide and Ultra-Wide cameras
Front Camera12 MP depth/biometrics sensor
BiometricsFace ID (facial recognition)
Operating SystemiOS 14 (upgradable to iOS 17)

Design and Durability

The phone’s design may be one of its more disappointing aspects. However, a glance at the iPhone 15 reveals that it shares a similar design with its predecessor, the iPhone 12. While the iPhone 15 boasts a more polished and refined look, it still feels like a recycled design. The power button has been slightly lowered, and the antenna line is slightly larger.

Additionally, the phone now features a USB-C port instead of the lightning port. Despite these changes, users upgrading from the iPhone 12 to the iPhone 15 won’t experience a drastic change. They can expect some refinements, improved performance, and perhaps a smoother back panel. Nevertheless, the iPhone 12 remains an excellent option for its price, offering 5G capabilities and a durable build.

iPhone 12
iPhone 12: Desing

However, it’s worth noting that the design, particularly the notch, may appear outdated compared to newer models. This lack of significant design changes over the years speaks more to Apple’s approach than the phone being considered old. Despite its age, the iPhone 12 still offers durability with its IP68 dust and water resistance rating. It also features a durable front and back display, likely protected by Corning Gorilla Glass, although the specific version is not specified.

Additionally, the iPhone 12 retains the convenience of a SIM card tray, which many users appreciate. Overall, if you’re in search of a reliable backup option, the iPhone 12 presents a compelling choice at its current price point.

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The HDR10-capable Super Retina XDR display on the iPhone is impressive. Apple has maintained the quality of the display, which may be due to its maturity or the fact that they don’t need to make significant changes to it. It features True Tone and Dark Mode, which users are familiar with. However, the brightness outdoors is not the best, although it does peak at 1200 nits in certain areas. Compared to newer iPhones that can reach 2000 nits, the iPhone 12 is not as bright.

iPhone 12: Display

Nevertheless, the display’s accuracy, color balance, and sharpness are similar to previous models. It still operates smoothly at 60 Hz, which is not a drawback for this model. The OLED display provides excellent contrast ratios, although the notch does intrude on some content. The bezels are slightly thicker than those on newer phones, but it’s not a significant issue.

Holding the iPhone 12 feels lightweight, and the notch is less distracting compared to the iPhone 13. Some people even prefer the notch over the dynamic island design. Overall, the display on the iPhone 12 still impresses me, as it gives me a similar experience to what I had three to four years ago.

Software Support

In terms of software, iOS’s app Library retains widget support and the familiar icon grid, offering customizable pages akin to other iOS versions. While iOS remains relatively straightforward compared to Android, customization options are available, albeit with a bit more complexity. Unlike Android, where a simple launcher can completely alter the phone’s appearance, iOS software remains robust and regularly updated, making older iPhones reliable choices for experimentation or backup.

iOS 17

Performance-wise, older iPhones hold up admirably, closely matching the speed of newer models like the iPhone 15 in most tasks. Despite having only 4GB of RAM, they handle multiple applications efficiently due to iOS’s optimization.

Although they may lag during benchmarking or more demanding activities such as high-quality gaming, for everyday tasks like launching apps or viewing photos, there are no noticeable delays. This highlights the impressive evolution of iPhone performance, where even older models deliver a smooth and enjoyable user experience.


Let’s now proceed to discuss its chipset and performance. The device is equipped with an A14 Bionic chip, which is based on 5nm technology. It features a CPU and 4 GPU cores. In terms of RAM, it comes with 4GB. Although this may seem low, the RAM management is excellent. You won’t experience any lag or slowdowns when switching between apps.


The device boasts a strong 4GB RAM and a powerful processor. When it comes to gaming, it can comfortably handle 60Hz gaming. However, it does not support a 90Hz display. You can expect consistent gaming performance at 60fps. If you plan on gaming for extended periods, keep in mind that the brightness may drop after a few hours. Despite being an older model, the phone delivers top-notch performance. The user experience is excellent, and the UI is user-friendly. While it lacks a fingerprint sensor, it offers Face ID for security. Remember, you need to be awake to unlock the phone using Face ID.

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Let’s now discuss the camera features. The camera setup includes a 12-megapixel primary lens, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 12-megapixel front camera. If you want to see a detailed camera comparison, click on the button above to watch the video. The comparison was conducted in 2023. Even today, the iPhone 11 has an impressive camera, making it suitable for content creation.


You can record videos in 4K 60fps using both the front and back cameras. Additionally, it offers the option to record in Dolby Vision at 4K 30fps. The night mode feature produces excellent results in low-light conditions. We also compared the cameras of iPhone 12, 13, and 14, and you can find the video link in the button above and the description below.

Overall, I highly recommend these cameras as they deliver outstanding output and allow you to embark on your content creation journey. Although it lacks features like cinematic mode, it supports 4K ADR recording and slow-motion capture. These cameras are truly exceptional.

Battery Performance

Let’s discuss the battery of this device. It comes with a 2815 mAh battery, which may seem low to you. However, its optimization is quite decent, resulting in a decent battery backup. Now, let’s talk specifically about the battery backup. If you are buying a second-hand phone, the battery backup will depend on the health of the battery. If the previous owner has replaced the battery because the phone is 4 years old, you can check this in the Settings, About section. If the authentic part has not been changed, then it is safe to purchase.


Overall, it will easily provide a full day’s battery backup if your usage is normal and you don’t use it excessively. However, if you engage in continuous gaming, it can provide a battery backup of around four and a half hours. The battery backup depends on how you use the phone, such as the game settings and whether you are playing through Wi-Fi or cellular data.

I can assure you that this device will provide approximately 4 hours of full battery backup. If you purchase a brand new phone with 100% battery health, it may provide slightly more backup. Additionally, it supports wireless charging and safe charging. You can also connect safe accessories, which is a positive aspect. However, it does not support reverse wireless charging.

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Conclusion for iPhone 12

In conclusion, the iPhone 12 remains a compelling choice in 2024, especially for those seeking a blend of affordability and performance in their smartphone. Despite its age, this model offers enduring value, with prices typically falling below $300, making it an accessible option for many consumers. While newer iterations may boast incremental upgrades, the iPhone 12’s enduring appeal lies in its reliable performance, durable build, and consistent software support.

The device’s design, while not revolutionary, still holds up well against contemporary standards, with its IP68 dust and water resistance rating and Corning Gorilla Glass ensuring durability. Similarly, the Super Retina XDR display continues to impress with its quality, even if it falls slightly short in brightness compared to newer models.

Furthermore, the A14 Bionic chip, coupled with iOS optimization, ensures smooth performance across everyday tasks, reaffirming the iPhone 12’s status as a reliable workhorse. Considering its capable camera system, decent battery life, and enduring software support, the iPhone 12 emerges as a dependable choice for users looking for a budget-friendly yet capable smartphone in 2024.

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