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iPhone 11 in 2024! Still worth buying in 2024?

The iPhone 11 is undoubtedly one of the finest iPhones available in the market. I highly recommend it to individuals who are considering purchasing a new phone in 2024. However, it is important to note that as we enter 2024, there have been some notable changes in this iPhone model.

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A Short Answer: If your priority is the camera, excellent performance, and good battery life, then the iPhone 11 is worth buying in 2024.
But, don’t think that the iPhone XR is far slower than the iPhone 11 instead, it offers almost equal performance in daily tasks.

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Key Specs of iPhone 11

Release DateSeptember 20, 2020
Display6.1-inch Liquid Retina IPS LCD(828 x 1792)
ProcessorA13 Bionic chip
Storage Options64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB
Rear CameraDual 12 MP wide and Ultra-Wide cameras
Front Camera12 MP TrueDepth camera
BiometricsFace ID (facial recognition)
Operating SystemiOS 13 (upgradable to iOS 17)

Design and Display

Moving on to the design, you’ll find a lightning port at the bottom, which is great, even though USB-C is becoming more common. The back features a standard glass design with a dual camera setup and wireless charging. While it lacks MagSafe, it remains an attractive iPhone.

Despite not being perfect or visually stunning, the iPhone 11 offers a lot of capability and quality, especially considering its affordable price of less than $300 for the average person. This is a significant advantage, as you don’t want to invest in a phone that quickly becomes outdated or fails to meet your expectations. Compared to newer models like the iPhone 14s and 13s, the iPhone 11 still holds up well, even though we now have the iPhone 15s and beyond.

iPhone 11
iPhone 11

So you’re essentially getting the 6.1-inch Retina IPS display on the front, which was considered a good panel when it first came out. However, it’s not particularly impressive compared to other products in its category. The panel has a 60Hz refresh rate, making it quite average. It’s worth noting that newer phones have OLED displays, except for the SE3.

Therefore, hyping up this panel doesn’t make much sense anymore. Nevertheless, the screen on the iPhone 11 is still decent, although it does have the Notch. IOS supports this phone, offering a range of features.

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Camera Capabilities

In terms of camera setup, something is interesting about this particular device. The iPhone 11 comes with a dual camera setup on the back, consisting of a wide and ultra-wide camera. Additionally, there is a single camera setup on the front. Both the front and back cameras support 4K 60 filming resolution, which is quite impressive.

iPhone 11
iPhone 11

However, when comparing it to the hardware of the iPhone 15, it is worth noting that the iPhone 11 still only offers a dual camera setup with wide and ultra-wide lenses. While the newer iPhones have more advanced features such as improved zooming capabilities and better camera quality, the iPhone 11 still holds its own. It provides a 5x zoom and is a reliable camera for capturing photos and videos in various situations.

However, if you are looking for the best quality camera or if zooming in is a priority for you, the iPhone 11 may not be the ideal choice. It can be considered an average camera that meets the basic requirements for taking photos and videos. Nevertheless, if you are someone who primarily uses the camera for social media content like Instagram videos, TikToks, or Snapchat, the iPhone 11 offers more than enough capabilities. It is a decent camera that can fulfill your needs.

Moreover, the fact that it supports 4K 60 filming resolution on both the front and back cameras is a significant advantage. Overall, while the camera on the iPhone 11 may not be groundbreaking, it still delivers satisfactory results for most users.

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Software support

Furthermore, with the SE phone’s impressive software longevity, users can expect a satisfactory software experience for the most part. This is a positive aspect. It’s important to note that this is a two-part story. Firstly, from its launch in 2019 until now, you can still anticipate receiving software support for another couple of years, possibly even more.

However, it’s unlikely that this phone will continue beyond 2025, although there is a possibility it could end sooner or later. Realistically, you can expect software support until the end of 2024 and possibly throughout 2025, even extending to 2026 if Apple provides security updates for iOS 18 or iOS 19. This is a significant factor to consider.

Although I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this as the first choice for a new phone, it still offers a good software experience. On the flip side, there is a drawback to consider. Nowadays, the software experience on this iPhone is somewhat different compared to last year.


In terms of performance, this iPhone still offers a satisfactory experience. It is equipped with the Apple A13 Bionic chip and 4 GB of RAM, which allows for smooth functioning. Whenever a new iPhone is released, I always compare it to this older model. Despite being slower than the latest iPhones, this phone still performs well in various tasks. I frequently use it for my second and third channels, including random videos and games, and it consistently delivers impressive results. I am always pleased with its performance in different scenarios.

iPhone 11

However, there are a few aspects that may be considered lacking in terms of overall performance. The absence of a 120 Hz display, especially on an older phone like this, does make it feel a bit outdated. Some people may find this aspect bothersome. I appreciate the lower resolution display as it requires less power and offers a smoother experience at 60 Hz. Additionally, when it comes to playing highly demanding games, this phone may show signs of aging, particularly when compared to devices equipped with the newer A17 Pro chip.

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iPhone 11 Battery Life

Battery life of any device depends on usage and the chipset manufacturing architecture. When comparing both phone’s chipsets, they are both made on 7nm architecture. The iPhone 11 has a 3,111mAh battery which is 169mAh more than the XR.

There is only slightly better battery life found on iPhone 11. We can expect one-day battery life but on normal usage only or you might have to charge the device once a day. Also, this depends on the battery health of the device. Good battery health starts from 85% to 95% and tries to get a device with good battery health.

If you are ready for heavy usage, then be prepared for multiple times charging the phone. Heavy tasks such as gamingcamera usage, and video editing may require frequent charging.

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In my opinion, the iPhone 11 in 2024 is one of my favorite iPhones of all time. However, it is starting to show its age. The limited iOS updates, the fact that it is no longer the best of the best, and the common features like OLED displays, Dynamic islands, and zooming capabilities are all signs that the previous iPhones are also showing their age.

The iPhone 11 is also one of the lowest-supported iPhones on iOS, so it may not be my top recommendation. However, if you’re looking to save money and it’s priced around $200, it could be a decent option. Ultimately, the decision is yours.

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