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High Refresh Rate Not Valid for Many Ones

High refresh rate displays have been widely accepted since many years ago. For now, many devices have high refresh rate displays and according to people, they generally experience more smoother. However, there is a very common misunderstanding when choosing between standard and high refresh rate displays.

The general thinking of many people is that higher refresh rate displays are more valuable and provide a better experience than what they pay. That is true but when it comes to how exactly it provides value? People generally don’t understand or don’t care. OR what many say, it provides a smoother experience but you guys have to understand what you will lose if you go for higher refresh rate displays.

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So in this blog post, I will point out some amazing facts to understand the whole concept of a higher refresh rate display game.

What do I mean by display?

Basically with this blog post, I mostly talk about mobile phone displays and you can also take an example of EVO platform laptops or battery efficiency laptops. I will not talk about monitors because these devices are highly needed for higher refresh rate displays. But sure I will explain this later in this post.

How exactly high refresh rate display is valid?

I think what people think.

Normally all we know is higher refresh rate equals smoother scrolling and most importantly smooth gaming. At a certain budget, a higher refresh rate display isn’t even valid anyhow. Because at a certain amount, I will prefer better cameras or performance over a higher refresh rate.

Certain amount I mean the Mid-Budget phones which have high refresh rate display. These phone doesn’t have powerful chipset for full usage of higher refresh rate. Some brands even give a 120HZ refresh rate in budget phones. Then what’s the problem? Many people will say this was a premium feature that is now given in budget phones.

Refresh Rate
A Budget Phone

Nowadays, the 120HZ refresh rate has become a standard from small brands to big brands in the mobile industry. But things get in trouble when a higher refresh rate is no more important than the camera or performance of the phone. If the display panel is 60HZ then the saving will be impacted on another important component of the phone.

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One more thing, we should learn from Apple iPhones especially base models which till now come with 60HZ. A display panel with 60HZ not only improve battery life but also contributes to other components of the device. So my conclusion for this becomes valid only if you want a phone with better cameras as well as better performance over what you are paying for. The smoothness can be achieved from UI optimization.

Refresh Rate
Apple iPhone with the 60HZ

Nowadays, very few brands have better or optimized UI. We can take the example of Pixel UI which is far optimized and one of the best Android experiences you will get from the Android side. I know Pixel devices are more expensive than other brands but provide a better experience.

Valid for whom?    

So who has to go with higher refresh rate displays? Only for mid-range flagship and flagship devices. One of the key aspects of having a 120HZ display is the overall usage of a high refresh rate. While gaming, you can get the smoothness of 120HZ only if the game supports it or the device is enough powerful to play the game.

Refresh Rate
Mobile Gaming

Eventually, there is not a single game that runs at 120FPS. Only some games support 90FPS gaming. You have noticed that flagship phones, due to the 120HZ display have an average battery backup. This can be improved with 90HZ which is useful for gaming as well as for better battery life.

Again we have an example of Apple iPhones (Base models only) which are enough powerful to handle 90FPS gaming but still at 60HZ panel. The only thing is the UI optimization which is too good to feel super smooth. And this will apply to Google Pixel devices.

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Lastly, if the device hardware is enough powerful for full usage of a high refresh rate panel then this hardware-level feature is good. Again, if the hardware is not enough you are getting a 120HZ panel just for smooth UI and will sacrifice other important hardware features. Then this deal will not future proof anymore and a smooth UI can be achieved with optimized Android skin. 

Important aspects in front of many aspects.

There are some aspects as follows:

  1. Never compromise hardware-level features that can be future-proof.
  2. Always choose the brand which has optimized UI instead of lots of features.
  3. Sometimes old flagship device can be a good option instead of a new device but keep in mind it must fulfil present aspects also.
  4. If you are in the situation of grabbing or being in the budget. This means if you’re getting a deal with almost 40% to 50% more performance then it’s good to push your budget to grab the deal.  

Why not worry about the Monitor refresh rate?

This situation is too easy but sometimes people make mistakes. But hopefully, if you understand this topic then you will be good to go. So I have three aspects:

Refresh Rate
PC handles 144FPS
  1. When you have a high refresh rate monitor but have a PC that is not capable of running games at 144FPS. But you can upgrade your GPU or CPU so that competitive games can run at 144FPS. This will be a good investment.
  2. Having a capable PC but not having a high refresh rate monitor or budget at that time when building a PC. The best applicable aspect is to go for a cheap monitor that will handle the basic workload. But when the budget is available then go for a 144HZ monitor.
  3. The same aspect (No.2) is applicable when you do not have a capable PC.

In Conclusion

In summary, high refresh rate displays have become popular in various devices, offering smoother experiences, particularly in gaming. However, their value depends on the device’s specifications and user priorities.

While they can enhance certain aspects, they may not be the best choice for all users, especially in mid-budget phones. It’s crucial to prioritize hardware features, consider UI optimization, and make choices based on your specific needs and budget.

Additionally, when it comes to monitors, matching the refresh rate with your PC’s capabilities is essential for a seamless experience.

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