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“Discover the Power of Samsung Galaxy A54 – Your Ultimate Companion for Everyday Use”

Samsung has recently released its first set of Premium A series smartphones in the market. The design of the latest Samsung smartphone has been massively upgraded. The low light photo and video capability have been improved, and it ships with the latest One UI 5.1 update. The durability and battery performance of its predecessors have been retained.

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The design of the new Samsung smartphone is premium, featuring independent camera modules much like we saw in the S23 flagship series. It has a fully flat surface like the base Galaxy S23, and the plastic back of the Galaxy 53 has been upgraded to a glossy glass finish on the A5. The metallic frame looks good and feels even better. The rectangular metallic frame and the slightly thicker edges have significantly improved the grip and the in-hand feel.


The 6.4-inch display is well balanced, and the phone is IP67 water and dust resistant. It has a 120 hertz super-smooth color-rich AMOLED display that is extremely crisp and sharp. The A5 has a 25 higher peak brightness than the A53 last time, making it 1000 nits. It also comes with vision booster that ensures you get the most consistent display experience. The A5 is a definite and a significant improvement over the last year’s A53.

Image Credits: Trusted Reviews

The Samsung Galaxy A5 is a definite improvement over last year’s A53 display. It comes with a vision booster that intelligently manages the tone and colors of the display under extremely bright conditions, providing a consistent display experience. The stereo speakers are also improved, with overall loudness and bass better than last year’s A53. Games look amazing on this display, with the colors and visuals making for a fantastic experience.


The cameras of the new Samsung smartphone bring semi-flagship experience to its cameras. The phone features a nitography feature that was first released with the Galaxy S22 last year. It captures photos more detailed, crisp, and vivid despite low light conditions. The phone automatically switches to night mode when it senses low light around you, ensuring that photos come out visibly bright.

The focusing capability of the Galaxy A5 has been improved, and it now uses all-pixel focus. The phone takes decent clicks with its primary lens. The selfie camera is also impressive and can take great shots even in very dim lighting conditions. The A5 can shoot 4K videos at up to 30 FPS and Full HD videos at up to 60 FPS.


Performance-wise, the phone uses the Exynos 1380, which ensures smooth performance and response to touch. Even playing Call of Duty on high graphics with high frame rate is no problem for this phone. Online multiplayer gaming is flawless, and the phone doesn’t even feel warm. It is a dual SIM phone with no micro SD card slot and supports 11 5G bands, which is one of the widest 5G supports that you can expect in a smartphone in this price segment, at least in India.

Image Credits: Trusted Reviews

The phone ships with the latest one UI 5.1 screen on Android 13, and you get all the Samsung goodies, from editing your lock screen to the always-on display to the ability to apply Dynamic theming based on the wallpaper. Samsung wallet lets you manage your bank accounts, credit cards, and protect your signed-in information, while secure folder lets you organize your files, photos, videos, and install apps that only you can access in this secure Zone.


The phone also features a voice Focus feature that isolates your voice from background or ambient noise, ensuring the person on the other end of the call hears you clearly. Samsung has also used a linear motor instead of a DC motor to improve the haptics of the phone, making the overall experience much more satisfactory when typing on the phone.

There are also tools like object eraser, reflection, and shadow eraser that use AI to smartly remove objects from photos, and you get access to Good Luck via the Galaxy store, unlocking even more personalization and customization capability. The phone also comes with a massive 5000mAh battery capacity, supporting 25W charging speeds. With regular non-intensive usage, the phone can easily last two days without needing to be charged. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy A5 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a phone with impressive features and capabilities.


In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy A54 is a solid mid-range smartphone that offers a great value for its price. It comes with a large and vibrant display, a powerful processor, a versatile camera system, and a long-lasting battery life. Additionally, it features several Samsung-exclusive software enhancements, such as the One UI interface, Samsung Wallet, Secure Folder, and Good Lock. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of a flagship device, the A54 delivers a well-rounded and reliable performance that should satisfy most users’ needs. If you’re looking for an affordable and capable smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy A54 is definitely worth considering.

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