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Best Gaming Monitors In India 2022

Best gaming monitor 2022. Gaming monitors are day by day becoming more efficient and powerful. From higher refresh rate to the technology has been used to make more faster and smother experience. In this article, we will talk about the best gaming monitors in 2022. Also, we will provide the best link to buy these monitors. Also Read Lenovo Legion 5i Pro Gen 7: The Ultimate Gaming Laptop.

know The Type Of Panel

Before buying any monitor, what type of panel does the monitor provide? Mainly there are four types of panels present in the market- IPS, VA, TN, and OLED. Each panel has its advantages and disadvantages. I will clear the difference while knowing the best monitors. Now, it’s time to select the screen size and aspect ratio of the display. Mainly 24-inches monitors are good for gaming and for the best experience, 27-inches monitors are best for story games and for future proof.


Here are tips when you buy a gaming monitor.

  • Image Quality

Different panels show different image quality. Mainly the best are as follows TN<IPS<VA. First, TN panels are the fastest monitors but have low viewing angles. The IPS panel has the best viewing angles but they are slower. Finally, VA is like a mid-range monitor. These panels have average viewing angles but slower response times.

Image showing the difference between TN, IPS, and VA
  • G-Sync or FreeSync

NVIDIA G-SYNC is a groundbreaking new display technology that delivers the smoothest and fastest gaming experience that only works with PCs with Nvidia graphics cards, while FreeSync only works with systems using AMD Graphics cards. Choosing a monitor which offers both G-Sync and FreeSync will be a good option. This also helps you in the future if you upgrade your graphics card.

  • Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is the number of times per second that a raster-based display device displays a new image. Basically, the number of times your computer update information per second. The higher the refresh rate smother the experience you receive. The recommended refresh rate is at least 144hz. Most gamers recommend playing games on higher fps with a high refresh rate monitor is worth it.

Image Showing Refresh Rate

1. Acer Nitro Vg240Ys

The Acer Nitro Vg240Ys is the best budget gaming monitor. This monitor comes with an IPS panel which is a 23.8-inches LCD FHD (1920 x 1080). This IPS panel offers a FreeSync display which only supports AMD graphics cards. This monitor has a 165Hz of refresh rate and a 0.5ms of response time.

The 23.8-inches display offers a good view experience because it has an IPS panel. The Acer Nitro Vg240Ys monitor is a great option for gaming on a budget. Esport games with high FPS will make your latency low. Moreover, this monitor is good for all types of users such as gaming, video editor, image correction, and for content consumers.

Display60.5 cm (23.8″), Full HD, 1920 x 1080 pixel
PortsNumber of HDMI Ports: 2
Video1920 x 1080 pixel, 165 Hz, 250 nits (cd/m2)
Monitor FeaturesAMD Radeon™ FreeSync™, Overclock to 165Hz refresh rate, Up to 0.1ms response time, Visual Response Boost (VRB), Black boost technology
HDR Ready technology

2. MSI Optix G271

This monitor is for budget Esport gamers. MSI Optix G 271 is a 27-inches gaming monitor with is FHD 1080P IPS panel. The panel has a response time of 1 ms and a 144 Hz refresh rate. This monitor offers AMD FreeSync which is compatible with AMD GPUs. You can play games for long hours without much stretch to your eyes. Because it offers an IPS panel, you will get the best view experience. For color, this monitor support 120% SRGB and it has wide gamut coverage which produces more true colors. Overall, this is the best 27-inch gaming monitor for your gaming, video editing, coding, etc.

68.58 cm (27 inches) LED Display, 144 Hz, 1 ms, 250 nits
2x HDMI (1.4b)
WEIGHT (NW / GW)4.1kg / 6.4kg
9.04lbs / 14.11lbs
DIMENSION (W X H X D)612.5 x 454.3 x 219.6 mm / 24.11 x 17.89 x 8.65 inch

3. LG Ultragear – 32Gn650

The LG Ultragear-32Gn650 is a Qhd 32 Inch(80 cm) 2560 X 1440 Pixel gaming monitor. It offers a 144Hz refresh rate and a response time of 1 ms. It supports both Nvidia GSync and Freesync Premium. Users can enjoy HDR content and up to 95% SRGB colors. This is the fastest VA panel with a wide-angle support VA panel. You can easily enjoy gaming with this 32 Inch gaming monitor.

Display32″ QHD (2560 x 1440 ) Wide Angle VA Panel | sRGB 95% | HDR 10 | Color Calibrated
Gaming Features1ms MBR, 165 Hz, AMD FreeSync Premium
ConnectivityDisplay Port, HDMI x 2, Headphone Out
StandHeight Adjust, Pivot, Title | 100 x 100 VESA Mount Compatible
Weight7 kg 200 g

4. Samsung Odyssey g7

Finding out the best gaming monitor with a higher refresh rate, low latency, and 2k display resolution is hard. But this monitor comes with all these things. This monitor comes with a 32-inches QHD display and a 240 Hz higher refresh rate. All these features make this monitor an ideal choice for hardcore Esports gamers and also for story gamers. This monitor is packed with both GSync and Free Sync Premium Pro making higher compatibility. The HDR 600-ready monitor carries a 600 nits brightness. Even small hidden details show the darkest scenes. This is the perfect 2k level high refresh rate, gaming monitor.

DisplayResolution-32 Inches QHD Wide 1440p
Response Time-5 Milliseconds
Gaming FeaturesPanel TypeVA
Refresh Rate-Max 240Hz
ConnectivityDisplay Port-2
USB Ports-2
StandStand Type-HAS PIVOT (MORE THAN 100MM)
HAS(Height Adjustable Stand)-120
Wall Mount-100 x 100
WeightSet Weight with Stand-8.2 kg

5. Alienware AW2721D

Alienware AW2721D is the ultimate gaming monitor. It is the most expensive 27-inch gaming monitor. It offers a 240 Hz QHD display. It claims, it is the fastest IPS monitor with VESA HDR 600 display. It comes with Nvidia GSYNC Ultimate Certification. Its design really seems to be an alien design with a white theme, it looks expensive and futuristic. Its response time is 1 ms but keep in mind that it is an IPS panel. It is ultimately the best monitor for all users. You can use it for gaming, color correction, video editing, etc. It is expensive to monitor but users who need this monitor can go. The performance and look it gives are outstanding.

Display ‎27 Inches ‎2560 x 1440 Pixels
Gaming FeaturesRefresh Rate- 240 Hz
Display Panel Type- IPS
Connectivity‎HDMI, DisplayPort, Audio line-out, Headphones
StandWall Mount
Weight6 kg 300 g

The best gaming monitor list ends here. People usually do not upgrade their monitors because monitors usually fulfill their requirements. So, choosing the best monitor depends on your work, type, and budget. Investment in these monitors can really benefit in the future with a smoother experience.

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