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Apple iPhone XR in 2023 – A Good option under Budget!

Is the iPhone XR worth buying in 2023? well if you have a tight budget then definitely it is worth buying in 2023. Because it is still supported by Apple. iPhone XR has good cameras, excellent performance, a full-screen display, and a premium design.

Some people also want to know should go with the iPhone X. The simplest answer will be if you want an excellent display, premium design, and low performance when compared to XR then can go with the X.

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Apple iPhone XR Battery life

People are usually confused when they get into used iPhone battery backup. The good battery health will be in-between 85-90 percent. You should try to get an iPhone XR with a battery health in a given percentage.

The iPhone XR has a battery of 2942 mAh which is kind of a weird thing in 2023. But it usually depends on battery health and usage. Say, for a normal user, it can last up to 1 day or might have to charge at least 1 time.

For heavy users, it might disappoint you but yeah you have to charge it multiple times. So at last try to get the device in good battery health.

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iPhone XR Stunning and Calm Design

So the Apple iPhone XR has a sleek and aesthetic design. This one has rounded edges which doesn’t come in today’s iPhone. Round edges have a better grip and are helpful while holding the phone.

iPhone XR
Image Credits: GSMArena

It has a glass back which looks stunning when compared to the latest iPhones. This has a single-camera setup with a flashlight and yeah it has a minimalistic approach. And an iPhone logo at the bottom.

It has the same display size as today’s base iPhones but has a big notch and bigger bezels at least more than normal. Eventually, it is a little bigger than the iPhone 13 because of the bezel’s size. Moreover, this one has dual speakers, a charging port, volume up and down, a power button, and an alert slider.

Display specs are quite disappointing!

Apple iPhone XR has a display size of 6.1 inches Liquid Retina IPS LCD panel. I have mentioned an LCD display yeah! but believe me, this is one of the best LCD panel. If you are a content consumer then you can go with XS but not iPhone 11.

iPhone XR
Image Credits: GSMArena

Further, a 720P panel with a 60HZ refresh rate that’s why you can go with XS. The display has a resolution of 828 x 1792 pixels with a pixel density of 326 PPI.

For normal users, there is no problem with the display. As I mentioned if you are a content consumer then you can go with XS. Definitely, it’s not as good as today’s standard displays but enough for daily usage.

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Best performance in this segment

So the XR comes with Apple A12 bionic chipset which provides excellent performance even in 2023. Keep in mind that this is a 4G network-supported iPhone. When it comes to daily usage, you will never get any lag or performance drop. IOS is optimized enough as a result smooth experience.

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For gaming, this is one of the best gaming phone in this segment. For the most demanded game PUBG (BGMI) this device can play it at 60FPS constant. If you are able to cool it, this can provide smooth 60FPS gaming without any lag or FPS drops.

Apple A12 vs A13 Boinic:

Good camera setup for casual usage

The iPhone XR features a single 12-megapixel rear camera with optical image stabilization. The camera performs well in various lighting conditions, capturing detailed and vibrant photos.

iPhone XR
Image Credits: GSMArena

It supports features like Portrait Mode, which creates a bokeh effect, and Depth Control to adjust the background blur. While it lacks the dual or triple camera setup found in newer iPhone models, it still offers a solid camera experience.

At the front, a 7MP has been given to take good selfies. It captures good selfies at least with better clarity. You can record video through a selfie camera up to 1080P 60FPS.

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Should you go with the iPhone 11?

So I made this simple just follow these points and decide whether you really need that specification or not.

iPhone 11

Why buy the iPhone 11?

  1. Improved Camera System: The iPhone 11 features a dual-camera system with an ultra-wide lens in addition to the wide lens. If you want a camera incentive device then go for iPhone 11.
  2. A13 Bionic Chip: The iPhone 11 is powered by the A13 Bionic chip, which is significantly faster and more energy-efficient than the A12 Bionic chip in the XR.
  3. Water Resistance: The iPhone 11 has an improved water resistance rating (IP68) compared to the XR (IP67), meaning it can withstand being submerged in deeper water for a longer period of time.

Why buy the iPhone XR?

  1. If you don’t need a camera incentive device and you capture casual images. iPhone XR can capture good images and also 4k video recording.
  2. If we talk about performance differences then you probably experience any differences in daily tasks. Keep in mind both phones are 4G network-supported only.
  3. Same display size and specifications nothing you will find any differences.

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In conclusion, the iPhone XR remains a worthwhile choice in 2023, particularly for budget-conscious consumers. It boasts a sleek design, solid battery life, and excellent performance, thanks to the Apple A12 Bionic chip.

While its display and camera capabilities may not be as impressive as newer models, it still offers a satisfactory experience for everyday usage.

However, if advanced camera features and the latest chip technology are a priority, the iPhone 11 could be a better option, offering dual-camera capabilities and improved performance. Ultimately, the choice between the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 depends on your specific needs and preferences.

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